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Are The Holy Grails Achievable [Webinar]

Adoption, CSAT, Demand Gen & Cost Reduction: Are the “Holy Grails” of Customer Training Achievable?

Brand evangelism is not easy to come by. There are a variety of factors that turn casual consumers into loyalists, make repeat business and help you build solid social evidence. How do you keep them up to date and deal with them at all important points of contact? In this webinar, Allen Partridge, Ph.D., director of digital learning evangelism at Adobe, provides valuable insight into introducing customer education initiatives to bring the “holy grails” of consumer education within your reach.

Adoption, CSAT, Demand Gen & Cost Reduction; Are the “holy grails” of customer training available?

Make customers loyal brand advocates by harnessing the power of customer education!

The value of an effective customer education strategy in the digital age

Big data is getting bigger and bigger, and companies need to find a way to measure customer satisfaction, not just maintain the status quo. Fortunately, companies can use modern technology to educate customers, reduce response rates, and improve overall satisfaction. Another notable benefit is the ability to establish social evidence and build a solid brand reputation. Well-informed customers are more likely to spread their positive experiences thanks to social media and online training platforms.

About this webinar

Participants will learn how to transform consumers into loyal brand advocates through a holistic customer education strategy. Here’s a quick look at what to expect from this webinar:

  • How to map phases in the life cycle of a customer and what value you generate in each phase
  • The diverse effects of consumer education on product acceptance, cost reduction, community building and demand generation
  • Hidden upsell opportunities your business can take advantage of and how training affects customer satisfaction
  • Secrets of Using Adobe Captivate Prime (Adobe LMS) to Build Brand Loyalty and Boost CX
  • How marketing / campaign management software integration helps you hit key turning points at every stage of the customer journey

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Attend the Webinar “Adoption, CSAT, Demand Gen & Cost Reduction: Are The” Holy Grails “Of Customer Education Achievable?” Part. to maximize the impact of customer education and provide your consumers with an experience they will not soon forget!


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