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Amergris Caye govt in custody with blood on her palms and garments after Police Superintendent discovered lifeless

American Jasmine Hartin Ashcroft works as Director of Lifestyle and Experience at the luxury resort Alaia Belize on Amergris Caye, which opened on May 7, 2021. She was arrested with blood on her clothing and refused to assist in the fatal shooting of a senior Belize police officer. According to sources, the American Jasmine Hartin is in a relationship with Andrew Ashcroft, the son of Lord Ashcroft.

  1. The woman, Jasmine Hartin, had been drinking the night of the shooting with Officer Jemmott.
  2. His body was found floating in the water behind his right ear with a single gunshot wound to the head.
  3. Ms. Hartin refuses to speak to the police until her lawyer arrives.

Lord Ashcroft has extensive business interests in Belize, with his son Andrew recently overseeing the development of Amergris Caye, comprised of spacious beachfront condos off the coast of Belize and a popular vacation destination.

Allegedly, Jasmine Hartin had been drinking with Belize Police Commissioner Henry Jemmott that night when the shooting took place. The lifeless body of Henry Jemmott was found floating in the sea in the early hours of the morning off the east coast of Central America yesterday, Friday, May 29. Locals reported hearing a single shot that night. He was found with a fatal head wound behind his right ear, with his gun nearby.

When officers arrived, Ms. Ashcroft was on the pier over the water with bloody arms and clothes, Belize Police Commissioner Chester Williams said. She was arrested but refused to cooperate with the police until her lawyer arrives. Commissioner Williams said at a press conference that her refusal to speak “raises some red flags”, even though it is her right under the Belizean Constitution.

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