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A Bombshell Tribute by Dr. Taleb Rifai about UNWTO and Dr. Walter Mzembi

A bomb declaration by the former Secretary General Dr. Taleb Rifai to the UNWTO was seen as a lifelong homage and a wonderful testimony from the former Minister of Tourism and UNWTO candidate Dr. Walter Mzembi, who has just been acquitted of corruption allegations by a Zimbabwe high court on the court.

  1. Tourism guides from all over the world had given the former Minister of Tourism Dr. Walter Mzembi congratulates him on being found not guilty in a UNWTO gathering-related crime hunt in his home country, Zimbabwe.
  2. Former UNWTO Secretary General Dr. Taleb Rifai has a bombastic statement to make regarding the current UNWTO administration and the disasters we are witnessing today.
  3. Jamaica Tourism Minister Bartlett said: Walter’s role in mainstreaming tourism as a true engine of economic growth and job creation has been celebrated in the UNWTO and other tourism forums around the world.

Congratulations, it has finally been confirmed, said Kenya’s Minister of Tourism and Wildlife, Najib Balala, last week while reading the eTurboNews article about former Minister of Tourism, Dr. Walter Mzembi, who was not guilty of a crime hunt in connection with the UNWTO General Assembly in Zimbabwe.

Sweetheart. Tourism Minister Najib Balala and Walter Mzembi
WTTC: Governments need to set up extensive testing facilities at airportsGloria Guevara, WTTC President & CEO

Gloria Guevara, CEO of WTTC, told eTurboNews: “Dr. Walter Mzembi was really good and brought her greetings. “

Former Secretary General Dr.  Taleb Rifai

Louis D’Amore, founder and president of the International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT), told Dr. Mzembi: “If you had been UNWTO Secretary General for the past 4 years, the world of tourism would have been different – as you should have been. I am very excited to see this – I look forward to your continued leadership role in global tourism. “

Do future travelers belong to Generation C?Jamaica’s Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett

The Hon. Edmund Bartlett, Secretary of Tourism for Jamaica and Chairman of the UNWTO Regional Council for America, said:

“We are very pleased that Dr. Walter Mzembi was rightly exonerated. Indeed, he was a great advocate of tourism and established Zimbabwe as a center of thought leadership and reference for tourism performance in Africa.
Walters’ role in mainstreaming tourism as a true engine of economic growth and job creation has been celebrated in the UNWTO and other tourism forums around the world.
We trust that his sharp mind and academic rigor will not be lost in his homeland, which he loves so much. “

A tribute to the UNWTO by Dr.  Taleb Rifai and Dr.  Walter MzembiHisham Zaazou

Hisham Zaazou, former Minister of Tourism for Egypt, told eTurboNews: “Well done .. excellent reporting .. and congratulations to my friend Walter .. who also visited Egypt a few years ago as my guest and played an excellent role in the relationship … my sincere best wishes to him and his family for better days. “

Former Secretary General Dr.  Taleb Rifai

However, nothing surpassed the warm declaration of former UNWTO Secretary General Dr. Taleb Rifai.

Dr. Mzembi was very moved and said, “Dr. Rifai’s statement is a lifelong homage and a wonderful testimony. “

Dr. Rifai wrote from his home in Jordan:

When I first met Walter Mzembi, I felt like I knew a great man and a wonderful person.
For me, the decision of the day meant that the right thing must and will finally prevail, no matter how long it takes.

Walter is eventually evicted by his own people. For me, this is a recognition of all his services to his country and people. I knew Walter and always believed in him.

Since we worked together on the beautiful Victoria Falls at the UN-WTO General Assembly. I knew he would do his best in difficult circumstances.

I’ve seen this many times, when someone takes risks to get things done, he or she always risks being accused of wrongdoing.

Playing it safe never works. You have to take risks to address the limits of the system, and that is exactly what Walter did.

A brave man indeed, not only a good Zimbabwean but also a good and brave African.

My only regret is that I did not support him enough in 2017, when he ran for General Secretary of the UN WTO. I protected the decisions of the executive board.

The result was the disasters we are experiencing today.

Now I know that such decisions cannot be trusted.

Like Walter, I should have acted bravely and stood by my convictions and not followed the book to the letter.

Former Secretary General Dr.  Taleb Rifai

An appeal to the Zimbabwean public prosecutor’s office, which is responsible for keeping opponents of the current government calm, is possible. Dr. Mzembi lives in exile after being poisoned and narrowly escaping death.

Dr. Mzembi tweeted his lawyer:

Thank you @ JobSikhala1 Koto & Co for being with me in my need. Standing to this day to defend myself took some courage and legal militancy. The truth should set us free @ freddyMM93. HC judge impartiality can be imitated!

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