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50,000 Jamaica Tourism Staff Again on the Job in Final 6 Months |

  1. At yesterday’s Christmas fair in July, the Minister of Tourism announced the news of more work in the country.
  2. He also noted that nearly 700,000 visitors have stopped by in the past 7 months.
  3. Jamaica Tourism expects to reach 1 million visitors and passengers by the end of August.

Minister of Tourism, The Hon. Edmund Bartlett, announced this yesterday (July 22nd) at the 7th Christmas in July Mass held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, New Kingston. The annual initiative encourages the purchase of authentic local produce by tourism stakeholders and Jamaica businesses looking for gifts for customers and employees.

“Also, we have brought nearly 700,000 visitors (stopovers) on board in the last 7 months and are expected to reach one million visitors and passengers coming to Jamaica by the end of August, which will arrive somewhere in the US $ 1.5 billion region into the local economy. No other industry could do that in seven months; the tourism industry has, ”Minister Bartlett told the audience of diplomats, tourism actors and representatives from Jamaica.

Speaking about building capacity for local suppliers, Minister Bartlett said, “While we are recovering, we need to recover together and recover more. We need to make good a lot of the losses we had before the pandemic as we had a loss of around 60 cents from US dollars from industry before the pandemic. We had reached the level of 40 cents deductible. ”

The tourism minister said Jamaica needs to move from 40 cents to a 50 cents retention rate, noting that “the pandemic has given us this opportunity because we are starting from scratch so we can recover together”.

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