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5-Section New Worker Onboarding Guidelines Template

Here’s how to create a new hire onboarding checklist – your all-in-one template

One goal of onboarding is to make new employees feel like they are part of the company culture from the moment they sign their offer letter, because that’s when their onboarding experience really begins. You probably already have a checklist of the things you need to do. Now let’s take that to the next level.

Remember, it is important to have a tailored plan for each new hire when they are onboarding. Having a plan that ensures employees go through the list of all ‘to-do’s’ and have fun throughout the onboarding is the best way to immerse them in your company culture and make them feel good about joining your team to connect.

The new hire onboarding process will vary based on the unique role each new hire has to play. Whether you take on a few employees a year or hundreds every month, without a repeatable onboarding process, you could potentially miss out on important new hire information.

We have developed this new employee onboarding checklist template into a 5-phase (yes, five!) Approach to the onboarding checklist for your new employees in order to implement the optimal training.

  1. Plan the essentials in advance before you start
  2. Day 1 and start
  3. Explain ‘Why you are here …’
  4. Job-specific training
  5. The first 30, 60, 90 days

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The ultimate checklist for the employee onboarding process

You already know you need to have an onboarding plan, but we’re going to dive deeper into how to create a new hire onboarding checklist template and explore all the points of a successful onboarding process:

Phase 1 = preliminary planning of the essentials before the start

  • Background checks
  • NDA, non-compete
  • Payroll / Direct Deposit
  • Completing the health and insurance documents
  • Prepare a swag pack with your new business t-shirt and other fun items
  • Technology – computer, laptop or phone
  • Set up an email / Slack or Teams / Zoom or virtual meetings account
  • Park
  • Annual schedule for holidays / vacations
  • Instructions for applying for free time

Let’s also consider how to create a checklist for your new employee training content. Is there a central place with this type of information for new hires?

  • Employee training manuals
  • Employee onboarding video
  • Folder with recorded interviews with customers, demos, etc.
  • User journeys and company stories

Phase 2 = day 1 and kick-off

Before you start onboarding, let them know what Week 1 is going to be so they can plan accordingly too

  • Show them this checklist to create expectations
  • Share the training content “Introduction to the company”
    • Read the employee training manual
  • Show employee onboarding videoShare folder of recorded customer interviews, demos, user journeys, and company stories
  • Advise them on how to communicate with your colleagues
    • The process of internal communication
    • What tools do you use
    • knowing who and where to turn to

A big consideration for cybersecurity – The moment you hand over their new computer, device, or new online account to an employee, your new employee becomes a security breach.

  • Activate two-factor authentication / multi-factor authentication
  • Where can I get information – file servers, where things are stored, where to get access to online training

Everything should happen on the first day to make sure you are protected from a potential cyber attack.

Phase 3 = “Why you are here”

Rather than delving directly into their specific roles, it’s about why they’re here at your company, including yours:

  • mission
  • vision
  • Corporate culture
  • Core values ​​/ ethics
  • Origin story of how your company started
  • Annual Goals – Where your organization is aiming for in the next 1-3 years
  • Meet the team + executives
    • Investors
    • Organizational hierarchy
    • Who is on your team to help you?
    • Learning the product / business at a high level
      • Understand why your company exists

Phase 4 = job-specific training

  • Why your job matters
  • expectations
  • your team
  • Your roll
  • Access to the systems you need
  • How they work with other departments
  • Everything you need to know to get the job done

Phase 5 = handover – first 30 days

  • 30, 60, 90 day plan
  • Adaptation to new role
  • Learning by doing
  • Working with the team
  • Potential obstacles, discovery, etc.

Complete the checklist for onboarding new employees

To get started, just write down this list of requirements you need to do for your new hire. One consideration: You also need to acknowledge that compliance, culture, and security are included as fundamental components of this successful new hire onboarding process.

We wrote the How To Make Great Training Awesome: Your New Employee Onboarding Checklist eBook so you can jump through the parts of this book to find the information you need to be successful with your new employee training. Each chapter ends with key insights, and you can also attend the webinar to discuss how to incorporate storytelling into your staff training.


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