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On-line Tourism Listing platform launched

Three successful online tourism directories have been merged into one comprehensive digital platform presenting tourism industry stakeholders in three sub-categories aimed at tourism organizations, trade travel events and tour operators.

The brand new multilingual platform connects the tourism world and offers companies and organizations that think globally and act locally an international presence. It replaces the list of travel organizations featured on, which has been successfully serving the tourism industry since 2006. The new digital platform Tourism Review Directories was developed to give the listed organizations more presentation options and to significantly expand their reach.

The new tourism directories are divided into three sub-categories as follows:

  • Tourism organizations
  • Tourism calendar
  • Tour operator brings all sectors of the tourism industry together in one place and presents what they have to offer in 10 languages, significantly increasing visibility and helping them penetrate the lucrative overseas travel markets. Companies that opt ​​for a multilingual listing benefit, in addition to local editions from Google and Yahoo, from an increased presence via influential national search engines such as the Chinese Baidu and the Russian Yandex. A multilingual list is provided in 10 major world languages ​​along with a brief description in each language and reaches all major travel markets worldwide.

With superior search ability, stands out from the crowd. Companies and organizations can use it to increase the presence of their brand in the market by adding interactive content such as videos, slide shows and PDF catalogs to their offerings. In addition to increasing brand awareness, these extensive content options provide cross-platform marketing that drives targeted traffic to the websites of the organizations listed.

The Tourism Review Directory serves various tourism organizations such as tourism associations / authorities, hotel associations and travel training providers. The tourism calendar promotes trade fairs, exhibitions and conferences on a large scale. The representatives of the list of tour operators are destination management companies, tour operators and travel agents.

When browsers hit, they find accurate, up-to-date and informative content, provided by a team passionate about bringing new opportunities to tourism industry stakeholders.

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