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How Coaches Get Employed And Fired

How coaches are hired and fired – infographic

In order to achieve a coaching engagement, it is helpful to understand why customers hire coaches in the first place. But it is also useful to know what hires a trainer and what causes him to be fired. Awarenow conducted a benchmarking study to better understand why companies are hiring coaches and what ultimately drives them to fire a coach.

It is interesting to note that almost all of the coaching clients surveyed have worked with three or fewer coaches. More than half of those questioned have only used the services of a single trainer so far. The survey found that the trainer’s personality, methodology and industry expertise are the most important factors clients consider when hiring.

On the other hand, the most compelling reason for clients to end coaching services is that their needs go beyond the coach’s expertise. Customers can also disapprove of the lack of structure or unclear processes in the coaching program.

These results make it imperative for business coaches to listen to what customers expect from them. Understanding the corporate culture, preparing for current and future needs, and implementing a clear, well-structured program methodology that delivers tangible results are keys to healthy, productive, long-term customer loyalty.

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