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African Tourism Board expands the ASEAN-African Tourism Alliance

ATB President Alain St.Ange of the Seychelles leads the consolidation of cooperation between Africa and the ASEAN bloc through FORSEAA.

  1. With COVID-19 still ravaging some countries and ravaging the economy, the President of the African Tourism Board is working to bring Africa and ASEAN together.
  2. Developing small business partnerships is seen as key to rebuilding economies and tourism.
  3. The Forum for Small and Medium-Sized Economic Africa ASEAN identifies selected articles specifically intended for export to Africa.

FORSEAA is actively working with small business partnerships on both sides to benefit economically, especially at a time when the effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus are still being felt worldwide, despite over 1.25 billion vaccinations being given worldwide to date .

Alain St.Ange, the former Minister of Tourism who is now President of the African Tourism Board and Executive Director of FORSEAA (Forum for Small and Medium Sized Industries AFRICA ASEAN) is currently on a working visit to Indonesia to help FORSEAA consolidate cooperation between Africa and Africa to help the ASEAN bloc (Association of Southeast Asian Nations).

“Through FORSEAA, in the first phase we are identifying selected items that are specifically intended for export to Africa, in the hope that we can reduce the cost of the same items in Africa and open a new trade route for innovative entrepreneurs in Africa. This approach is highly consistent with the Vision & Mission Statements declared by FORSEAA and has prompted us to work with our network in Africa to identify potential partners who can open this trade route between the two blocs – Africa and ASEAN “Said St. Ange.

Alain St.Ange, President of the African Tourism Board

Recently, representatives of FORSEAA, led by its Executive Director Alain St Ange, traversed Indonesia and touched major industrial cities to identify products to make the first list for this new FORSEAA-led Africa-ASEAN Bloc trade cooperation. “The local enthusiasm was so evident, and the greeting in town after town was simply great. We are now focusing on cataloging to get the ball rolling, ”said St.Ange.

Alain St.Ange met tourism entrepreneurs and hotel developers to work with them on the preparedness strategy after COVID-19. This strategy deals with rebranding, upgrading and replanning where and as needed.

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